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massage practice

Massage practice

Your Body
Your Soul
Your Wisdom

Naturally good. Naturally better!

Situated in Meierijstad, Sylls massage practice lies amidst rolling parklands and forests nearby a nature reserve. Centrally located between Sint Oedenrode, Schijndel and Veghel.

Physical complaints

Generally, there are thought to be no coincidences in the ailments which the physical body presents. Instead, ailments are a mere reflection of that which may be taking place inside the body, consciously or subconsciously. The philosophy applied at Sylls is that the body knows and contains its own wisdom and has the ability to heal (itself).

Suitable for everyone

Massage Treatments are suitable for everyone, no matter your age. It is a treatment not only for muscular skeletal aches and pains but also for the treatment of headaches, stress, burn-out and insomnia. Massage Treatments are known to relax muscles and joints. As an added extra, it may also provide you with additional insight and awareness.