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Massage Treatments at Sylls Massage Practice contain either one or a combination of the below mentioned Treatments:

Classic Massage

Specific muscle group(s)  and or muscular skeletal complaints. Through kneading, applying specific stroke techniques, together with friction techniques,  both the muscle and skin are treated. This encourages blood flow to the area and facilitates regeneration of tissue as well as allowing for toxins to be (re)moved.

Haptic Massage

Awareness and energy. By focusing on breathing and touch, you go on an exploratory journey through your body. What do you feel, what moves you (touches you)  and how does that make you feel?

Feet Reflexology Massage

The feet mirror the overall condition of the body they carry. Reconnaissance and massage of the different zones of the feet influences the physiological functions of the corresponding organs.
Nerve endings, Meridian ‘energy lines’ and related pressure points are stimulated by touch thereby promoting blood flow , lymph drainage & energy flow throughout the body and its organs.

Polarity Massage, journey through the chakras

Experience how your energy is balanced through a technique used to balance the Chakras or Energy Centers. Life-giving energy surges through our bodies, much like an invisible circulatory system. This invisible circulatory system is comprised of energy ‘bodies’ (Aura), energy centers (Chakras), energy lines (Meridians). This technique is used for becoming aware of your Chakras, Themes in our lives and potential energy blockages.

Holistic Pulsing

This is an invitation to venture into a profound relaxed state in order to release deep rooted tension(s). This technique is extremely gentle. The body, whilst you relax entirely, is brought into a natural wave of movement utilizing your body’s own unique rhythm. This movement is called pulsing. Small and large wave- pulses flow through your whole body. This pulsing may be combined with rolling, stretching & rocking motions. In turn you create the space to listen to your body, what it is telling you. It is almost as if you are learning about yourself in a new way; enjoyment, boundaries and possibilities. During this session you are fully clothed and lie on a massage bench.

Connective Tissue Massage

This Massage is based on influencing of organs, body parts and body functions through massaging of connective tissue, periosteum and spinal column. The philosophy being that every stimuli that originates from a poor functioning organ manifests itself at the surface of the skin via the nerve endings. By stimulating the corresponding nerve fibers that run from the spinal cord to the respective organs, the function of the organ(s) and/or internal structures are influenced. Facilitating regeneration of the tissue and internal structures and function of the body.

Chair Massage

The Chair Massage is a short massage where you are seated, bent forwards, and massaged  whilst fully clothed. Back, shoulders, neck, head, arms and hands are professionally treated.