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Massage Therapist

As a licensed Massage Therapist from the Holos Academy in Utrecht, Sylvie Rademakers has a vast array of knowledge, skills and massage techniques to her credit.

Relevant guidance

You are in good hands. Having extensively mastered several massage techniques and acquired solid medical knowledge (Bachelor Degree), you are assured  a professional massage as well as relevant guidance in a secure and trusting environment.

Massage therapy

Massage Therapy is not a symptomatic treatment of illness, instead it looks at illness and ailment as a search for attention to those things that are not yet fully formed or we have been made aware of, in our consciousness. Healing is made possible through becoming consciously aware of our body and giving our body the attention it so deserves. You are invited to reflect, inquire and become consciously aware of your body thereby allowing for healing to start. Neither the illness nor ailments are at the center of this process …… YOU are!